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Pipistrel News: WorldGreenFlight.com - CROSSING OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN FINISHED


  We have some wonderful news! Matevž Lenarčič has crossed the Pacific Ocean. Alone, in small ultralight aircraft Virus SW 914, made by Pipistrel Slovenia. Mr. lenarčič took off from Concepcion, Chile.The first stage was a 3,700 km long flight to Easter Island. It took 15 hours and 4 minutes and the it was relatively peaceful and uneventful. In the second stage, Matevž flew from Easter Island to Totegegie (French Polynesia) which is 2,271 km away. By the end of the second stage of the flight he ran into an area of stormy weather which was very very difficult to cross. It was a big relief for everyone to him land safely that evening. The third stage was a flight from Totegegie to Tahiti - 1,692 km of distance, which he covered in and 6 hours and 20 minutes of flying. Fourth stage was a slightly shorter flight to the Cook Islands. The flight distance was 1,140 km and Matevž needed 4h and 30 minutes. A few minutes ago, we have just witnessed the last, fifth leg of this incredible ocean crossing, a 3,098 km, 13 hours flight to New Zeland. Altogether, while crossing the South Pacific Ocean Matevž flew 11,901 km. It took him around 50 flight hours. Congratulations Matevz! More information about this flight: http://www.pipistrel.si/news/matevz-lenarcic-to-fly-around-the-world-again

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